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Every year, nearly 1.8 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer. Though cancer risk factors vary, your genetics may play a role in cancer development. This is especially true for the types of cancers most common in women, such as breast and colon cancer. All Care For Women in East Amherst, New York, is certified to perform genetic risk cancer testing. Board-certified OB/GYN Judith Ortman-Nabi, MD, and the team offer genetic counseling to help determine your hereditary cancer risk. To learn more, contact the office by phone or book an appointment online today.

Genetic Counseling Q & A

What is genetic counseling?

At All Care For Women, genetic counseling is a service aimed at helping you understand how your genetics affect your cancer risk, as well as the types of genetic testing available. 

The team can also talk to you about what the results of the genetic testing mean and your other cancer screening options.

Am I a good candidate for genetic counseling?

The team of professionals at All Care For Women may consider you a good candidate for genetic counseling if you have a family history of cancer. 

Testing for hereditary cancer helps you and your provider better understand your health risk so you can both make the best choices for preventive care. 

The team may also suggest genetic counseling if you already have cancer because it may identify your risk of developing a secondary primary cancer. 

You may not be considered a good candidate for genetic counseling if you don’t have a family or personal history of cancer.

What happens during genetic counseling?

During genetic counseling, your provider at All Care For Women reviews your personal medical history, cancer screening history, and family cancer history. 

To fully understand your hereditary cancer risk, your counselor may request at least three generations of family cancer history, including type of cancer and age of diagnosis. 

Based on the information gathered, your provider determines the types of genetic testing best suited for you.

How do I get a genetic test for cancer?

All Care For Women is certified to perform genetic risk assessment cancer testing at the office. During your genetic test, your provider takes a small sample of blood or saliva and sends it to the Myriad Genetic Laboratories for analysis. 

Researchers can test for genetic variants linked to many types of cancer, including colon cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and pancreatic cancer. 

Once the results of your tests are available, which takes about two weeks, your genetics counselor at All Care For Women contacts you to discuss the findings. 

Your genetic test for cancer isn’t a cancer diagnosis. It only provides information that may affect your risk of developing cancer. 

A positive genetic test doesn’t mean you’re going to get cancer. However, the information can help you take steps to reduce your risk, such as lifestyle changes, more frequent screenings, or having surgery to remove the at-risk tissue. 

To learn more about genetic counseling, call All Care For Women or request an appointment online today.