Prenatal care is imperative for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, baby, and mom. Throughout your pregnancy, prenatal checkups are used to ensure both you and your growing baby are progressing in a healthy manor. Developing a trusting relationship with your OB will also make you feel more comfortable and confident when going into labor. This bond is invaluable and very important as you go through one of the most remarkable milestones of your life.

If you suspect you’re pregnant, make an appointment with your  OB ASAP. The sooner you start your prenatal care, the better!  At All Care for Women, we suggest your first prenatal appointment to be around 7-8 weeks. At that time, you will have your first sonogram to listen for that precious heartbeat!

During your pregnancy, it is extremely important to adhere to our schedule of appointments. Baring any unforeseen complications, we recommend that you follow up every 4 weeks during your first and second trimester. Once you enter your third trimester, visits become more frequent. This is to make sure both mom and baby are healthy and growing appropriately.  Your prenatal visits will detect any potential health concerns such as anemia, gestational diabetes, placental abnormalities, amniotic fluid abnormalities, or preeclampsia. These are all complications that if detected early can be monitored and treated.

In addition to providing safe prenatal care, our goal is to also help prepare you for labor and delivery in the best possible way. The prenatal visits offer you the chance to discuss your wishes and birth plan with your OB. If you have certain concerns or expectations, these visit are the time to bring them up! We’ll admit that not all births go as planned; however, having a well thought out plan allows you and your OB to be better prepared.

You and your baby deserve the most informative and compassionate care in order to ensure a healthy outcome. Contact All Care for Women today to make your prenatal appointments! We understand that pregnancy can be hard at times, but we will be here for you every step of the way.

Taylore Passero PA-C

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